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Se publica el formato del próximo Campeonato de Europa GC

Se establecen cuatro grupos de 8 jugadores, clasificándose los 4 primeros para el championship knockout y los 4 últimos para el plate knockout.


La European Croquet Federation (ECF) acaba de publicar, de acuerdo con la Federación Española de Croquet (FEC), las normas, el formato, las sedes y los horarios (fase de grupos y fase de eliminatorias) del X Campeonato de Europa de Croquet GC (10th GC European Championship), que se celebrará en España -en Cádiz y en Sevilla- del 24 al 28 de este mes de mayo. En sus 19 años de historia ésta es la primera vez que el Campeonato de Europa de Croquet GC va a disputarse fuera de las Islas Británicas. En la competición participarán 32 jugadores, clasificados previamente y que proceden de 12 países distintos. Cinco de ellos son  españoles.


Las dos sedes elegidas, sin duda entre las mejores de Europa, reunen en el momento actual unas condiciones óptimas para la práctica de este deporte: el Real Club de Golf Vista Hermosa (El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz) y el Real Club Pineda (Sevilla). La FEC quiere agradecer muy sinceramente a ambos clubs y a sus respectivos presidentes y juntas directivas el gran trabajo realizado para conseguir que todo esté a punto para que este X Campeonato de Europa de Croquet sea un éxito, en todos los aspectos, para el croquet de nuestro país y, por tanto, para el deporte español. 


10th GC European Championship




1.  MULLINER Stephen ENG 2.546
2. FRENCH Martin ENG 2.352
3. NEWELL Evan IRL 2.303
4. ALVAREZ-SALA Jose ESP 2.159
5. VILAIN XIIII Charles-Eric BEL 2.101
6. HOPE Andrew SCO 1.970
7. MAGIN Thomas DEU 1.911
8. BOMAN Lars FIN 1.550
BLOCK B      
1.  RIVA Jose ESP 2.434
2. FITZGERALD Patsy IRL 2.372
3. WIDDISON David ENG 2.257
4. STEINS Janis LVA 2.171
5. ALVAREZ-SALA Andres ESP 2.122
6. SODERBERG Ulf SWE 2.068
7. JANSSON Helena FIN 1.950
8. VOREL Stanislav CZE 1.600
BLOCK C      
1. BEAUDRY Pierre BEL 2.404
2. TIBBLE Lionel ENG 2.353
3. ROMERO Rafael ESP 2.292
4. ELEBO Eje SWE 2.201
5. STEPHENS Mark IRL 2.082
6. MYHRENE Magnus NOR 2.029
7. BOEER Michael DEU 1.898
8. KRALOVA Anna CZE 1.718
BLOCK D      
1. WILLIAMS Simon IRL 2.375
2. SCURFIELD Guy ENG 2.372
3. ELEBO Joi SWE 2.282
4. IGLESIAS Basilio ESP 2.214
5. MICHALSEN Roar NOR 2.073
6. STAFECKIS Roberts LVA 2.041
7. STEINER Guenter DEU 1.798
8. THOMAS Neil CHE 1.735


Player briefing notes (14 May 2017)


1. General player information

1.1. Player information before the event. This document with its appendices and any e-mails from the Tournament Director (“TD”) form the official player information.

1.2. Venues. Both Vista Hermosa Club de Golf (“VH”) and Real Club de Pineda de Sevilla (“Pineda”) have three full-size lawns.  Play will be at both clubs on Wednesday, 24 May to Friday, 26 May and only at VH on Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 May.

1.3. Transport. Minibus transport to Pineda will be available from VH at 0900 on Wednesday 24 May and at 0800 on Thursday 25 May and Friday 26 May.  If you prefer to travel to Pineda by car, PLEASE inform the TD either by text to +44 7711 672014 or email to snmulliner@gmail.com.  It would be unfair to the other players if the driver has to wait for a player who is expected but does not arrive at VH.

1.4. Catering. Both VH and Pineda have excellent restaurants for lunch and an evening meal at members’ prices. Players are asked to take their meals in a gap between matches and to avoid stopping play during a match.

1.5. Results. All results will be posted on CroquetScores and print-outs of the block positions will be posted at a convenient place near the lawns at both VH and Pineda.

1.6. Player information during the event. If necessary, the Commentary section of CroquetScores will be used to provide additional information to players during the Event.


2. Block stage order of play

2.1. The entry of 32 has been divided into four blocks, each of eight players.

2.2. The standard order of play set out in WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 5 paragraph 5 applies.  The matches will be “best of two games” with the game 1 toss winner being deemed to win the game 2 toss, irrespective of the game 1 result.

2.3. All block matches will be double-banked and a strict time-limit will apply of 1 hour 50 minutes for the match.  If time is called at the end of game 2 with the game 2 score tied, each player is entitled to play two more turns with each ball.  If the score remains tied after these extra turns, play continues until one player scores a hoop (“sudden death”).

2.4. The top four in each block will progress to the Championship Knock-Out Stage.  The bottom four will be eligible to play in the Championship Plate.

2.5. Final block positions will be determined by net games won.  Any ties for fourth place will be resolved by single-game play-offs in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 6.  Ties for first, second or third place will be resolved by net points, not by play-offs.

2.6. Four rounds (i.e. eight games for each player) will be played on Wednesday 24 May and three rounds plus any play-offs required for fourth place on Thursday 25 May.


3. Championship knock-out stage

3.1. All matches will be best-of-three games, single-banked at VH.

3.2. Seeding

3.2.1. Block winners: positions 1, 8, 9 and 16 based on net points.

3.2.2. Block 2nd places: positions 4, 5. 12 and 13 based on net points but avoiding a same block clash with block winners in the quarter-finals.

3.2.3. Block 3rd places: positions 3, 6, 11 and 14 based on net points but avoiding a same block clash in round 1.

3.2.4. Block 4th places: positions 2, 7, 10 and 15 based on net points but avoiding a same block clash in round 1.

3.3. Timetable. KO round 1: during Friday, 26 May; Quarter finals:  09:00 and 11:30 on Saturday, 27 May; Semi-finals: 19:00 on Saturday 27 May; Final: 11:00 on Sunday, 28 May.

3.4. Time limits. Time limits may be imposed by the TD if necessary for keeping to the timetable. If imposed during a match, the minimum time limit will be 30 minutes. If imposed before a match, the limits will be 60 minutes for the first game, 110 minutes for the first two games and 150 minutes overall. Any time used to resolve a tie will be treated as occurring in the following game and so will reduce the time remaining.


4. Championship plate

4.1. Assuming 16 players enter, the entry will be divided into four blocks, each of four players each. Each block will contain a 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th place finisher, all from different Main Event blocks. Plate matches will be best of two games.

4.2. The order of play will be: Rd 1: 1 v 3, 2 v 4; Rd 2: 1 v 4, 2 v 3; Rd 3: 1 v 2, 3 v 4.

4.3. Players in three Plate blocks will play at Pineda. Players in the other Plate block will play on two lawns at VH from 09:00 to 15:00.

4.4. The Plate block winners will progress to the Championship Plate semi-finals. Final block positions will be determined by net games won. A two-way tie for first place will be resolved by net points and, if still tied, by who-beat-who. A three-way tie for first place will be resolved by a 7 yard “penalty shoot-out” at hoop 1 (5 shots each followed, if necessary, by “sudden death”).

4.5. The timetable will be: Semi-finals: 14:00, Saturday 27 May, single-banked; Final: 09:00 on Sunday, 28 May, single-banked.


5. Championship bowl event

5.1. The Bowl is open to all Players who lose in the Championship KO Stage first round. It will take the form of a best-of-three knock-out using the same seeding as the main event.

5.2. The timetable will be: Quarter finals: 09:00 on Saturday, 27 May, double-banked; Semi-finals: 14:00 and 1630, Saturday 27 May, single-banked; Final: 09:00 on Sunday, 28 May, single-banked.


6. Championship shield event

6.1. The Shield is open to all Players who lose in the Championship KO quarter-finals. It will take the form of a best-of-three knock-out using the same seeding as the main event.

6.2. The timetable will be: Semi-finals: 16:30, Saturday 27 May, single-banked; Final: 09:00 on Sunday, 28 May, single-banked.


7. Start times, practice, lateness and mobile phones

7.1. Start times. VH: 09:00; Pineda: 10:00 (Wednesday), 0930 (Thursday and Friday).

7.2. Practice (Sports Reg para 9.3). Players may practice for 10 minutes before their first match of the day and for 5 minutes before a later match on the same day.

7.3. Lateness policy. First offence: up to 30 minutes late: no penalty; 30 minutes to 60 minutes late: loss of one game 7-0; over 60 minutes late loss of both games 7-0. Second and subsequent offences in an event: up to 60 minutes late: loss of one game 7-0; over 60 minutes late: loss of both games 7-0.

7.4. A player using the minibus to Pineda will be exempt from a lateness penalty at the start of the day unless personally responsible for delaying its departure.

7.5. Mobile telephones (WCF Sports Regulations para 6.6). The use of mobile phones during a match and within five yards of any court in which a game is in progress is prohibited.  Players who keep phones on them or in their court-side bags must ensure they are switched off or in silent mode.


8. Referees, scoring and reporting, hoop firming and appeals

8.1. Referees will be on call.

8.2. Players must use scoring clips and report the match result to the local Tournament Manager.

8.3. Players are entitled to have hoops firmed before running a hoop. A hoop mallet will be available at each venue to firm the hoop with the hoop mallet by the minimum amount required.

8.4. Luis de Gortazar the Appeals Panel chairman and, should the need arise, he will appoint an Appeals Committee of three Panel members to hear an appeal.



General information


Date and venues

• The European Croquet Federation (ECF) and the Spanish Croquet Federation (SCF) are holding of the 2017 10th EGCC.

• The event will be played from the 24th May to 28th May 2017.

• The EGCC will be held at Real Club de Golf Vista Hermosa (RCGVH) and Real Club Pineda (RCP), two Spanish private clubs, located in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, and in Seville. Both clubs have three full-sized croquet lawns.


Organizing Committee and event officials

• Stephen Mulliner (Tournament Director). President of the ECF & Secretary General of the WCF.

• José Luis Álvarez-Sala. President of the SCF.

• José Manuel Domecq. President of the RCGVH.

• José Antonio García de Tejada. President of the RCP

• Emilio Valero. Vice President of the RCGVH.

• Pilar Barbadillo. RCP Board member.

• Santiago Álvarez-Sala. Secretary General of the SCF.

• Luis de Gortázar (Tournament Manager). Vice President of the SCF.

• Ignacio Gutiérrez-Trueba (Tournament Manager RCGVH).

• Luis Lozano (Tournament Manager RCP).

• Tournament Referees; Emilio Marín (RCGVH), Luis Lozano (RCP) & Luis de Gortázar.


Sponsors & collaborators

• Caser Seguros (Official Sponsor)

• Williams & Humbert (Official Sponsor)

• Dirigentes, Kousa Promocional & Luna y Sol (Official Contributors)


Playing conditions

• The Championship will be played in accordance with the 2013 Rules of Golf Croquet and the 2015 Official Rulings as approved by the WCF (www.wcfcroquet.org).

• The Championship will be governed by the Organizing Committee.

• Participation: 32 players

• Format: Four blocks of eight players. The first four in each block will qualify for the Championship knock-out. The others will qualify for the Plate event.

• Each Block match will consist of two 13 point games, double-banked.

• Best of 3 will be used in the knock-out from the quarter-finals and earlier at the Director’s discretion. Double-banking will not be used unless absolutely necessary.

• Sunshiny balls will be used.

• Practice will be available on Tuesday 23rd from 10 am to 6 pm on the 6 lawns. Play is scheduled to start each day at 9 am and continue until 10 pm. Floodlights may be used if necessary. Groups playing in Seville will start at 10 am.

• The use of mobile phones during a match and within five meters of any court in which a game is in progress is prohibited. Players who keep phones on them or in their court-side bags must ensure they are switched off or in silent mode.

• All results of matches played in this Championship will be included in the WCF Golf Croquet Ranking and published on the www.croquetscores.org website.



• Players: Entry fee: 90 euro. This includes registration, Tuesday’s night welcome cocktail, free club entrance, Saturday’s cocktail party, Sunday’s Closing Lunch, awards and prizes. Player’s accompanying persons: 40 euro; includes Tuesday’s night welcome cocktail, free club entrance, Saturday’s cocktail party and Sunday’s Closing Lunch. Payment to be made by bank transfer tbi before the 20th May, 2017. Please send an email confirming payment is made, a photo and a brief sport biography to gortazar@creditoyriesgos.com.

• Banking account: IBAN; ES42 2100 0600 80 0202837133 (Asociación Española de Croquet). Caixabank.

• Entries are only accepted on the basis that neither the event host nor the WCF, the ECF nor the SCF can be held liable for a player’s travel, accommodation and other costs related to attending the event, should for any reason the event be cancelled or curtailed, or the player be unable to compete. Players are strongly advised to take out their own travel insurance.


Players registration, dress code & miscellaneous

• Registration: on Tuesday 23rd May from arrival till 8 pm at the RCGVH reception office.

• Clothing for players should be 90 per cent white. Please note the dress code for all ceremonies and functions including the Closing Ceremony on Sunday will be informal (jacket & tie optional). The 10th GC Europeans will finish on Sunday at around 5 pm so players may travel back on Sunday night or Monday morning if they wish.

• All players and accompanying persons will have free entrance to the clubs and access to the members’ bar and catering facilities (at members’ prices) which will be available during the whole day.

• Please note that entrance to the clubs is strictly controlled.

• Player participation is on the basis that media photography is acceptable.



• Tuesday 23rd: Registration (10 am-8 pm), Practice (10 am-6 pm). Welcome cocktail in “El Bucito” at 8:30 pm (seaside part of the RCGVH).

• Wednesday 24th: Block play

• Thursday 25th: Block play

• Friday 26th: Block play, Play-Offs, Knock-out & Plate.

• Saturday 27th: Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, Plate Semi-Finals.

• Sunday 28th: Plate, Bowl and Shield Finals (around 9:30 am). Final (around 11 am) & Closing


Ceremony, farewell lunch, prize giving (1.30 pm approx.)

• Travel Information & Accommodation

 From Wednesday to Saturday a daily minibus will travel early in the morning from Hotel Puerto Sherry/RCGVH to Seville (Real Club Pineda). Returning to Hotel Puerto Sherry/RCGVH when all games are finished.

• Arriving from the UK – Ryanair fly from Stansted to Jerez de la Frontera which is about 20 minutes drive from El Puerto de Santa María.

• Hotel Puerto Sherry is within walking distance of the club and the beach.

• Real Club de Golf Vista Hermosa is 20 Km from Jerez Airport and 110 Km from Sevilla Airport; shuttle trains from Jerez or Sevilla to El Puerto de Santa María are available each 30 or 40 minutes. Best option is to fly to Jerez and take a train/taxi to Vista Hermosa (20 km). Hotels close to the club:

• Hotel Puerto Sherry **** (around 105 euro double room). www.hotelpuertosherry.com. 15 minutes walking to the club. Over the seaside.

• Hotel Los Jándalos Vistahermosa**** (around 120 double room). www.hoteljandalosvistahermosa.com. 25 minutes walking to the club.

• Del Mar Hotel and Spa *** (around 70 euro double room). www.delmarhotelspa.com. 30 minutes walking to the club.


Contact & further information

• Venue Address in El Puerto: Clipper Street. Real Club de Golf Vista Hermosa. Urbanización Vista Hermosa. El Puerto de Santa María. 11500 Cádiz. Spain.

• Venue Address in Seville: Real Club Pineda. Avenida de Jerez s/n. 41012 Seville. Spain.

• Email for other enquiries, accommodation support etc: ggonzalezgordon@vistahermosaclubdegolf.com (Gabriel González-Gordon).

• VHCG Telephones: +(34) 956541968 and +(34) 956875605

• For further information, please visit the following websites: Real Club de Golf Vista Hermosa: www.vistahermosaclubdegolf.com; Real Club Pineda: www.rcpineda.com; Spanish Croquet Federation: www.fecroquet.es & Facebook; Federación Española de Croquet

• Taxi service in El Puerto de Santa María area: 956858584

• Weather and Temperature: average daytime temperature during May is around 24ºC during the day and around 15ºC at night in Vista Hermosa. In Seville (RCP); around 29ºC during the day and around 13ºC at night. Daylight till 9.30 pm.


Se publica el formato del próximo Campeonato de Europa GC

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