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Se convoca el 2nd GC Swedish Open Championship

Organizado por el Svenska Krocketförbundet, se celebrará en el Stavstorp Croquet Club (Eskilstuna, Suecia) los días 8 y 9 de julio próximo.


Invitation to 2nd Swedish Golf Croquet Open 2017

The Swedish Croquet Federation (Svenska Krocketförbundet) invites you to play in the second annual Swedish Golf Croquet Open Championship. The tournament will be played at the Stavstorp Croquet Club in Eskilstuna on Saturday and Sunday July 8-9.



Participation is limited to 24 players. There will be 4 blocks of 6 players followed by knockout and plate. Format will be adjusted if fewer than 24 players participate. Play will be double banking on 4 lawns. Lawns will be available for practice on Friday afternoon.


Entry fee

SEK 600. Lunch, coffee, tea and soft drinks are included both. Please pay the entry fee in cash on the first day. Non-playing guests that want to eat and drink pay 150/day.



Enter by e-mailing Joakim Norbäck at jpnorback@gmail.com. Deadline for entries is May 31. Spots will be allocated based on time of entry and 18 spots will primarily be allocated to non-Swedish players.




Address                                      Coordinates

Stavstorp Croquet Club           59°25'59.9"N (59.433306)

Stavstorps 10                             16°26'06.0"E (16.435000)

635 03 Eskilstuna


There are 4 airports within a 2 hour drive from the Croquet Club: Arlanda (150 km), Bromma (122 km), Skavsta (95 km) and Västerås (48 km). Arlanda is the major airport to which most airlines fly. Bromma is primarily a domestic airport but has few international flights as well. Skavsta and Västerås service some low cost airlines.




There are several hotels in central Eskilstuna, a 10 minute drive from the lawns. You can find them on booking sites such as http://sv.hotels.com/ There are some cottages for rent within walking distance from the lawns that house four people each. You have to bring your own linens and bathrooms are shared in a separate building. Their website (http://solvik.kfum.se) is not user friendly so if you are interested in staying there and need help with the booking, please contact Tomas Englund at te@platindustri.se. There is also a campsite close by where you canrent a cottage or set up a tent or caravan. This is their website: Mälarbadens Camping (http://www.malarbadenscamping.se/). Other campsites can be found here: http://www.camping.se/.



Please e-mail Joakim Norbäck at jpnorback@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Se convoca el 2nd GC Swedish Open Championship

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